Have ever wondered what self-defense is really all about, not the Hollywood hype, but the real dirty fight for your life self-defense? 

Then this is your class!!!

Matt Dryden of The Body Shop Fitness Centers is offering a 3-hour class in personal defense that will address:

  • How to try to avoid potentially bad situations
  • How stress can inhibit your actions
  • Personal perceptions of fear and how they affect our attitudes and actions
  • What we say and can read from body language, your strengths and weaknesses, and applications of hands-on techniques
  • How to create dysfunction in your attacker to gain time to get some distance between you and your attacker

This is not just a lecture class. We will be performing physical movements at a low level to allow everyone to get a better understanding of the movements and dynamics of these movements.

Matt Dryden teaching self-defense in Grantsburg, Wisconsin

This community event in Grantsburg allowed women to learn the needed skills to protect themselves

Matt Dryden worked as a correctional officer and patrol officer for seven years and taught for two technical colleges in the law enforcement training academy in subject control program called Principles of Subject Control (POSC). He currently owns 3 fitness centers where they offer women self-defense classes and travels to high schools and Community Ed programs to teach this self-defense class. 

Call Matt for more information at: 715-577-0964.

Class Information

  • When: Saturday, May 5th
  • Location: The Body Shop Fitness Center, 615 Vine Street, Spooner, WI 54801
  • Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm
  • Cost: $20.00 per person 


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