SHELL LAKE, Wis. --  Lake Arts Center’s Executive Director, Tara Burns, receives a check for $3000.00 from Jeanne Fox, Foundation Grant Representative and Larry Loverude, Community Service Manager for Xcel Energy.  Also pictured is Dr. Kristin Tjornehoj, Program Director for the Shell Lake Arts Center.  This generous donation will help support a week of camp at the Shell Lake Arts Center.   

Tara Burns states, “With assistance from Xcel Energy Foundation, Shell Lake Arts Center can continue our commitment to quality, attention to the art form and especially to following the core philosophy of our founder, Darrell Aderman.  He believed that every student deserved the opportunity to work with a master teacher.  We continue this philosophy and bring to Shell Lake the nation’s best performers and educators.”

[Picture: From left to right: Jeanne Fox, Tara Burns, Larry Loverude, and Dr. Kristin Tjornehoj]

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