In Memory of David Lee Etters

December 26, 1951 - June 21, 2017

December 26, 1951 - June 21, 2017

David Lee Etters, 65, passed away on June21, 2017 at Ministry St. Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield, WI after a short battle with cancer.

David was preceded in death by his parents, Earl and Viola Etters.  He is survived by his siblings, Elaine (Jack) Schuth, Judy (Bob) Albano, Skip ( Renee) Etters and Diane (Tom) Albano; his sons and grandchildren, David II (Chrissy), Gavin and Devyn Etters and Lonni (Maria) and Jayden Etters; his life partner, Jeanne Bruce and his adopted family:  Tonya and Paul Schilling; grandchildren Gabrielle and Bode Schilling; Wendy Spaulding and Spence Brown; Amy Tyler; his lifelong friend, Tom Trudelle; many nieces, nephews and cousins, the Spooner Lake family and many other very special friends.

Dave was born in Barrington, IL in 1951.  He grew up in Barrington, where he raised his family and worked for the U.S Postal Service for over 30 years.  He married Johanna Pecoraro in 1971 and they raised two sons, David II and Lonni.  Dave coached the boys in baseball, taught them to fish, water ski, work on cars, and the love of Spooner Lake.  He enjoyed spending time with their extended families.

Though Dave spent most of his life in Illinois, his heart belonged to Spooner, Wisconsin.  As a boy, he spent his summers on Spooner Lake at his family’s cottage.  He fell in love with the lake and the Spooner area, and returned every year for almost 60 years.  He shared his love of the lake with his sons, who are still returning with their families.  Dave met and made lifelong friends on the lake, including his best friend, Tom Trudelle, and his life partner, Jeanne Bruce.

In 1999, Dave moved to Janesville, WI to be with Jeanne.  He became an adopted member of her family, and was able to spend much more time in Spooner.  After Dave retired, he was finally able to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning a place on the lake again when he, Jeanne, Tonya and Paul Schilling built a house on Spooner Lake.  He spent the last few years doing what he loved – taking his Larson out on the lake, pulling riders in inner tubes, watching the eagles and hanging out with the Spooner Lake gang.

Dave was a quiet man with a sunny disposition and simple tastes.  He loved his family and his friends.  He enjoyed boat rides, casinos, Tommy’s garage, hamburgers and fries and music.  His glass was always half full – sometimes with beer, but usually with Diet Pepsi.  We will never forget his famous Gumby dance – though some will try.  When the sun goes down, the stars come out and the bonfire is lit, we will always remember him and his sweet, sweet smile. 

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