Sikorski - (Obit Leader)
Sikorski - (Obit Leader)

In Memory of Dean Guenther

June 10, 1941 - December 17, 2021

Dean D. Guenther, age 80, died in his sleep on December 17th in Mission, TX of natural causes. Dean grew up in Columbus, WI on a dairy farm. After graduating from high school, he had a long and successful career at U.S. Bank. He worked mostly in trust operations and was often the go-to person for more complex issues. Dean had a talent for thorough analysis and coming up with the best solutions. He had the respect and friendship of his co-workers at the bank.

Dean was also a smart investor and saver. As a result, he was able to retire early to his home in Winter, WI. He enjoyed traveling in his motorhome throughout the southwest of the United States. For the last several years, he lived in Winter, WI and in Mission, TX in a park home. He enjoyed the warmth of many great friends in Winter and at the park in Mission. He also loved spending time with his dog and best pal, Harley, his little Chihuahua. Dean and Harley were inseparable friends.

Dean was a true friend who always took the time to visit, no matter the distance or inconvenience. He also had a great appreciation of friends and friends’ families and was often referred to as a favorite relative and was a mentor (and even parental) to many. He loved to talk about politics and the financial markets, but always maintained a calm perspective while being careful to not make the discussion divisive to a friendship. Although he always had time for friends, he also was not the most patient with what he called “the stupidness” that we sometimes face—in the end he did not let those situations affect his calm demeanor. He generally would not worry about things beyond his control. We will all miss that attitude and his joking and his humorous “harassment” of friends.

Dean is survived by many friends in Winter, Madison, and Mission. His closest were friends Steve and Joyce Wuetrich & family and Grant and Michele Tolzman & family who will miss his friendship, humor, wisdom, and common-sense approach to life.

Dean requested that a portion of his estate be used to create an educational trust. This trust will be created to assist students with financial needs who graduate from high school in Winter and Columbus, WI, who are attending college or technical schools. He valued education and the impact that these two communities had on his life.

Dean requested no funeral services. He will be buried in Winter Cemetery. Steve and Grant plan to have a celebration of life in Winter as soon as practical.

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